ENERGY STAR Supplement Checklist

Use this checklist to facilitate a quick review to gain certification under the EPA Energy Star Seal and Insulate Insulation Product Certification Program.  This check list is specific to Spray or Pour Foam Insulation products manufacturers that are pursuing an IAPMO UES Evaluation Report (ER) and ENERGY STAR Certification.

UES application and EPA Partnership

☐   Complete a Manufacturer’s Partnership Agreement with the EPA. IAPMO will verify this agreement is in place through the EPA website.  

☐   Complete an IAPMO UES Application to include:

  • The brand name and model of the products.
  • Any “additional company” names and accompanying product names to be considered

DATA and Insulation Installation instructions 

☐   Provide supporting test data for code compliance. Talk to our team before submitting data, we can help you navigate what those requirements are specific to your product use and market.

  • Already have a code report with another certification body but want to bolster your product acceptance and obtain ENERGY STAR certification? We can evaluate your existing data and use the applicable information for both an IAPMO UES Evaluation Report and ENERGY STAR.

☐   Provide installation instructions for review that meet the Seal and Insulate with Energy Star Insulation Installation Check Sheet.

  • The installation instructions will be reviewed to the Installation Check Sheet and will be published and available on manufacturer’s web site and/or product literature and will be used to prepare the IAPMO UES evaluation report.

Quality system

☐         Provide a copy of the current documentation for the quality system applicable to each certified product for review to IAPMO UES ES-10.