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Summary of Evaluation Process

  • Applicant submits to Uniform Evaluation Services (UES) application, fee and data that may include a draft ER, product tests and calculations in accordance with applicable publicly developed criteria and/or codes and standards
  • UES Staff reviews the submittal and develops comments regarding submittal and develops or provides revisions to the applicant’s proposed draft ER
  • Applicant reviews and develops response to UES Staff comments and draft
  • UES Staff reviews data makes comments or concurs with draft
  • Applicant concurs with draft or provides additional information is support of their product
  • UES Staff arrange the initial factory audit and reviews the quality documentation on site
  • UES Staff presents to Uniform Evaluation Service Technical Committee for approval or rejection or further study.
  • If approved, UES posts to website or if modifications were required sends to applicant for final approval

The review phase may require the following process:

  • New evaluation criteria written for your product
  • Test report, product samples and literature submitted
  • Quality Assurance documentation written for your product
  • Figures and tables created to be included in the evaluation report
  • Product manufacturing facility successfully inspected

A few things to remember:
If you can answer any questions quickly, concisely and thoroughly your application will be processed faster. If your supporting data is sent in an organized method, the reviewer can review much quicker and with fewer questions. It is generally less expensive and time consuming to have someone on your team organize your data than the product evaluation company. By submitting organized supporting documents keeps your project on time and on budget. Please send any tables, figures or illustrations that are to be embedded in your report in a Microsoft compatible electronic format. Any correspondence and questions from UES will reference the tentative (pending) report number assigned to your application. You can also use this number to track your project process status online. We are here to provide ongoing support. If a building official has questions about your report, please let us know their contact information and we will call them to answer their questions and concerns.