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Vice President's Message 
Richard Beck 

Richard Beck, P.E., MCP, CBO
Vice President of Uniform Evaluation Services

IAPMO Uniform Evaluation Service (UES) remains the nation’s fastest growing evaluation program. Some 2014 highlights:

Number of Evaluation Reports total twice what we had at the end of 2011.
Revenue is double that of 2011.
A new office in Alabama.
Recognition by the state of Ohio.

You, our members, are the most important part of this success. UES has a goal of serving your needs by maintaining a fair, balanced and level playing field for evaluation report holders. The goals of agencies in the evaluation report arena are to: earn your trust, maintain the highest integrity, be the acknowledged code experts, and provide concise documentation of code compliance. UES achieves these goals by providing you with accurate, concise documentation of code compliance.  

IAPMO UES earns and maintains your trust every day. Our parent company, IAPMO, is widely known as a model code development agency. IAPMO works hard to provide model codes for materials and installation of many life safety components. Perhaps the ultimate testament of trust the public has in IAPMO is the many jurisdictions that adopt our Uniform Codes into law. IAPMO UES is similar in that it provides product reports that document compliance to the building codes. UES searches, finds and then applies code requirements to each product. The goal is to help make a code official’s decision on acceptance of a building product easier by providing the necessary information in one place. Basically, UES puts all of the pieces together in one place for easier review and acceptance. Each statement, in each report, is backed up with documentation from professional engineers and/or recognized laboratories. Inspections are conducted by recognized inspection agencies. The supporting documentation is compared to code requirements and if all the pieces match up then a report is issued.  

IAPMO UES maintains the highest integrity by following a set system while documenting code compliance. UES follows a certification scheme recognized by ANSI as conforming to ISO requirements.  UES’s sister company, IAPMO R&T, operates and maintains a very large listing program, also ANSI recognized to ISO requirements. Just like UES, R&T follows a certification scheme to grant recognition to products. The UES scheme involves initial review by an engineer, a second independent review by a professional engineer, resolution of comments by the technical director, then certification decision by a technical committee comprised of professional engineers. IAPMO UES evaluation reports provide concise documentation of building code compliance. 

To better serve you, IAPMO UES maintains both industry leading consultants and a robust engineering staff of model code experts. This combination allows us to minimize any “learning curves,” thereby increasing product speed to market and the documentation to code officials. Key staff members include:  Brian Gerber, PE, SE; Michael Merrigan, PE, Esq.; Rafael Donado, EIT; and Karen Snowden. This year, UES added:

• Bart Berneche, PE, as senior engineer in our new Alabama office. Bart has more than 30 years’ experience in a wide range of technical aspects of building construction, including the last six and a half years at ICC ES. 
• Dawn Atencio joined our staff as administrative assistant. She brings great enthusiasm, customer service skills and attention to detail to our growing department.

Our theme remains “relationships.” Everywhere you go in the model code business, you see relationships. UES respects relationships. As an example, there are many long-standing relationships between code officials, design professionals, builders and their model code agencies. Similar relationships exist between manufacturers and their testing laboratories and inspection agencies. The good news is that these existing relationships need not be in peril. With certain stipulations discussed in detail on our website, UES can recognize third-party Inspection agencies accredited to ISO 17020 and third-party testing laboratories accredited to ISO 17025. It’s the right way to do business and the right thing to do.

We strive to do business the old fashioned way, we endeavor to listen.  If you have any suggestions on how to further improve our service please don’t hesitate to contact me at (909) 230-5533.

Thanks to you our members!